IGNOU Syllabus 2019 Pdf for (BA/BCA/MCA/MBA/BSc) Download Pattern

By | 17/01/2019

IGNOU Syllabus 2019 Pdf for (BA/BCA/MCA/MBA/BSc) Download Pattern

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Download Pdf IGNOU Syllabus 2019, if you are studying in the IGNOU Open University Delhi. Students can straight download online freely available Syllabus of IGNOU University by Credits wise as mentioned down below. We have provided online IGNOU Exam Syllabus 2019 Pdf by Course wise. Go ahead and straight download official available Exam Syllabus.

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Are you here to download IGNOU Syllabus 2019 pdf? If yes, then this is the best page for all of you. We know that lacs of students are willing to check their Syllabus of IGNOU Exams 2017. That is why we have come along with complete instructions of all Course Exam Syllabus. IGNOU Syllabus 2019 PDF for BA, BCA, MCA, MBA, MEG, BSc MA and other courses are available on official website now. Complete details are provided below.

IGNOU Syllabus 2019

Just by hitting up the links below and then you will easily get your IGNOU Syllabus 2019 of your own courses. We are going to fulfill all your requirements by this page. Students are needed to download Syllabus and start the best preparation to crack all subjects. Indira Gandhi National Open University has also issued the Exam Schedule which are important for all of you.

This is the best time for all of you to study a lot. As per IGNOU TEE date sheet, term end exam are commencing from 01.12. 2017 & lasts till 23.12.2017. You may get date & timings of term end paper in PDF form too. Follow the detailed article and check/ download this IGNOU Exam Syllabus by Course Wise.

IGNOU Syllabus 2019

IGNOU Syllabus 2019

Knowing course wile exam IGNOU Exam Syllabus 2019 Pdf is so much important. Download Syllabus in PDF format. Further updates of this examination can easily be checked from the web Page. The official website for this University is ignou.ac.in. Scroll more and more details of these exams from below of this page. We are always ready to share proper news of these exams with you.

Name of University Indira Gandhi National Open University
Name of Courses BA, BCA, MCA, BSC and others
Article Category Name Syllabus/ Exam Pattern
Syllabus Status Pdf Download
Web Page Name ignou.ac.in
Availability of Syllabus Pdf format Credits Wise
Exam Dates June & December
IGNOU Syllabus 2019 Download Now

IGNOU Exam Syllabus 2019 Pdf Download

IGNOU Syllabus 2019 pdf for all courses are provided on below link. Besides downloading the Syllabus of these courses, you should also check how to prepare for this examination? Every year students study a lot for these exams. You have to check below tips which are beneficial for you guys.

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Now finally check official online Syllabus of IGNOU Open Delhi University by Course wise as mentioned down here in below Tables.

IGNOU BA Syllabus 2019:

 4 Credits 4 Credits 4 Credits 8 Credits 8 Credits

Course Code BA Course Name Credits
 FEG-01  Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2  4 Credits
 FST-01  Foundation Course in Science and Technology  8 Credits
 BHDF-01  Foundation Course in Hindi  4 Credits
 FHS-1  Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences  4 Credits
 Any one of the following Courses:  4 Credits
 FGB-01  Foundation Course in Bengali  4 Credits
 FKD-1  Foundation Course in Kannada  4 Credits
 FML-1  Foundation Course in Malayalam  4 Credits
 FMT-1  Foundation Course in Marathi  4 Credits
 FOR-1  Foundation Course in Oriya  4 Credits
 FOR-1  Foundation Course in Oriya  4 Credits
 FPB-1  Foundation Course in Punjabi  4 Credits
 FTM-1  Foundation Course in Tamil  4 Credits
 FTG-1  Foundation Course in Telugu  4 Credits
 FUD-1  Foundation Course in Urdu  4 Credits
 BEGE-101  From Language to Literature  8 Credits
 EEG-02  The Structure of Modern English  8 Credits
 EEG-03  Communication Skills in English  8 Credits
 EEG-04  English for Practical Purposes  8 Credits
 EEG-05  Understanding Prose  8 Credits
 EEG-06  Understanding Poetry  8 Credits
 EEG-07  Understanding Drama  8 Credits
 EEG-08  Reading the Novel  8 Credits
 AFW-(E)  Feature Writing  4 Credits
 AWR-(E)  Writing for Radio  4 Credits
 AWR-(H)  Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
 EHD-01  Hindi Gadya  8 Credits
 EHD-02  Hindi Kavya  8 Credits
 EHD-03  Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas evam Sahitya Parichay  8 Credits
 EHD-04  Madhyakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya: Samaj aur Sanskriti  8 Credits
 EHD-05  Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya: Navjagaran aur Rashtriya Chetna  8 Credits
 EHD-06  Hindi Bhasha: Itihas aur Vartman  8 Credits
 EHD-07  Hindi Samrachna  8 Credits
 CTE-03  Teaching Strategies  4 Credits
 CTE-04  Teaching English (Elementary School)
 CTE-05  Teaching English (Secondary School)
 FAS-01  Foundation Course in Assamese  8 Credits
 FEG-1  Foundation Course in English-1  4 Credits
 AOM-1  Office Organisation Management  4 Credits
 ASP-1  Secretarial Practice  4 Credits
 AHE-1  Human Environment  8 Credits
 EHI-1  Modern India, 1857-1964`  8 Credits
 EHI-2  India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D.
 EHI-3  India From 8th to 15th Century A.D.
 EHI-4  India From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D.  8 Credits
 ESO-15  Society and Religion  8 Credits
 BPVI-028  Entrepreneurship and Marketing  4 Credits
 DECE-1  Organising Child Care Services  8 Credits
 MPA-012  Administrative Theory  8 Credits
 AED-1  Export Procedures and Documentation  4 Credits
 ATR-1  Translation  8 Credits
 ACS-1  Consumer Studies -ACS-1  8 Credits
 BCOA-001  Business Communication and Entrepreneurship  1 Credits
 DNHE- 01  Nutrition for the Community  8 Credits
 MS-51  Operations Research  4 Credits
 EU-1  History of Urdu Language  8 Credits
 EU-2  History of Urdu Literature  8 Credits
 EU-3  Urdu Poetry  8 Credits
 EU-4  Urdu Fiction  8 Credits
 EU-5  Urdu Non-Fictional Prose  8 Credits
 EU-6  Elements of Urdu Literature  8 Credits
 EU-7  Diasprestic Urdu Literature  4 Credits
 EU-8  Women in Urdu Literature  4 Credits
 EU-9  Socio-Cultural Forms in Urdu  8 Credits
 EPS-11  Political Ideas and Ideologies  8 Credits
 EPS-12  Government & Politics in India  8 Credits
 EPS-03  Modern Indian Political Thought  8 Credits
 EPS-15  South Asia: Economy, Society  8 Credits
 EPS-06  Government and Politics in East  8 Credits
 EPS-07  International Relations  8 Credits
 EPS-07  International Relations  8 Credits
 EPS-08  Government and Politics in Australia  8 Credits
 EPS-09  Comparative Government and Politics  8 Credits
 EHI-05  India from Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century  8 Credits
 EHI-06  History of China and Japan 1840-1949  8 Credits
 EHI-07  Modern Europe: Mid 18th to Mid 20th Century  8 Credits
 BECE-015  Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economic Development  8 Credits
 BECE-016  Economic Development: Comparative  8 Credits
 EEC-07  Industrial Development in In  8 Credits
 EEC-10  National Income Accounting  8 Credits
 EEC-11  Fundamentals of Economics  8 Credits
 BECE-002  Indian Economic Development:Issues and Perspectives  8 Credits
 EEC-13  Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques  8 Credits
 EEC-14  Agricultural Development in India  8 Credits
 EPA-3  Development Administration  8 Credits
 EPA-4  Personnel Administration  8 Credits
 EPA-5  Financial Administration  8 Credits
 EPA-6  Public Policy  8 Credits
 APM-1  Integrated Pest Management  8 Credits
 AEC-1  Environmental Chemistry  8 Credits
 AST-01  Statistical techniques  4 Credits
 AMT-1  Teaching of Primary School Mathematics  8 Credits
 BHDA-101  Samachar Lekhan aur Feature Lekhan  4 Credits
 ESO-11  The Study of Society  8 Credits
 ESO-12  Society in India  8 Credits
 ESO-13  Sociological Thought  8 Credits
 ESO-14  Society and Stratification  8 Credits
 ESO-16  Social Problems in India  8 Credits
 BPY-001  Indian Philosophy: Part I  4 Credits
 BPY-002  Logic: Classical and Symbolic  4 Credits
 BPY-003  Ancient and Medieval Philosophy  4 Credits
 BPY-004  Religions of the World  4 Credits
 BPY-005  Indian Philosophy: Part II  4 Credits
 BPY-006  Metaphysics  4 Credits
 BPY-007  Ethics  4 Credits
 BPY-008  Modern Western Philosophy  4 Credits
 BPY-009  Contemporary Western Philosophy  4 Credits
 BPY-010  Epistemology  4 Credits
 BPY-011  Philosophy of Human Persons  4 Credits
 BPY-012  Philosophy of Science and Cosmology  4 Credits

IGNOU BA Syllabus 2019 Pdf

IGNOU B.Com Syllabus 2019:


Compulsory 24 Credits

  • 1st Year: 16 credits
  • 2nd Year: 8 credits
Course Code Title of the Course   Credits
Compulsory Courses
BSHF 101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8 Credits
FST 1 Foundation Course in Science & Technology 8 Credits
FEG 1 Foundation Course in English-1 Choose any one 4 Credits
FHD 2 Foundation Course in Hindi-2 4 Credits
Optional Courses (Choose any one)
FAS 1 Assamese 4 Credits
FBG 1 Bengali 4 Credits
FEG 2 English 4 Credits
FGT 1 Gujarati 4 Credits
BHDF 101 Hindi 4 Credits
FKD 1 Kannada 4 Credits
FML 1 Malayalam 4 Credits
FMT 1 Marathi 4 Credits
FOR 1 Oriya 4 Credits
FPB 1 Punjabi 4 Credits
FTM 1 Tamil 4 Credits
FTG 1 Telugu 4 Credits
FUD 1 Urdu 4 Credits
BSKF 1 Sanskrit 4 Credits
BBHF 1 Bhojpuri 4 Credits
BMAF 1 Maithilee 4 Credits
Total Credits of Foundation Course 24 Credits

IGNOU BCA Syllabus 2019


Course Code Title of the Course Credits
EHD 1 Hindi Gadya 8 Credits
EHD 2 Hindi Kavya 8 Credits
EHD 3 Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas evam Sahitya Parichaya 8 Credits
EHD 4 Madhya Kaleen Bhartiya Sahitya: Samaj aur Sanskriti 8 Credits
EHD 5 Adhunik Bhartiya Sahitya: Rashtriya Chetna aur Navjagran 8 Credits
BHDE 106 Hindi Bhasha : Itihas aur Vartman 8 Credits
BHDE 107 Hindi Sanrachna 8 Credits
BHDE 108 Prayojanmoolak Hindi 8 Credits
BEGE 101 From Language to Literature 8 Credits
BEGE 102 The Structure of Modern English 8 Credits
BEGE 103 Communication Skills in English 8 Credits
BEGE 104 English for Business Communication 8 Credits
BEGE 105 Understanding Prose 8 Credits
EEG 6 Understanding Poetry 8 Credits
BEGE 107 Understanding Drama 8 Credits
BEGE 108 Reading the Novel 8 Credits
BULE 1 Elements of Urdu Structure 8 Credits
BULE 2 History of Urdu Language 8 Credits
BULE 3 Urdu Poetry 8 Credits
BULE 4 Urdu Fiction 8 Credits
BULE 5 Urdu Non-Fiction Prose 8 Credits
BULE 6 History of Urdu Literature 8 Credits
Political Science
EPS 11 Political Ideas and Ideologies 8 Credits
BPSE 212 Government and Politics in India 8 Credits
EPS 3 Modern Indian Political Thought 8 Credits
EPS 15 South Asia: Economy, Society and Politics 8 Credits
EPS 6 Government and Political in East and South East Asia 8 Credits
EPS 7 International Relations 8 Credits
EPS 8 Government and Politics in Australia 8 Credits
EPS 9 Comparative Government and Politics 8 Credits
EHI 1 Modern India: 1857-1964 8 Credits
EHI 2 India: Earliest Times to the 8th Century A.D. 8 Credits
EHI 3 India: From 8th Century to 15th Century A.D. 8 Credits
EHI 4 India: From 16th to Mid 18th Century 8 Credits
EHI 5 India: From Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century 8 Credits
EHI 6 History of China and Japan : 1840-1949 8 Credits
EHI 7 Modern Europe: Mid Eighteenth to Mid Twentieth Century 8 Credits
BECE 15 Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economics 8 Credits
BECE 16 Economic Development: Comparative Analysis & Contemporary Issues 8 Credits
EEC 7 Industrial Development in India 8 Credits
EEC 10 National Income Accounting 8 Credits
EEC 11 Fundamentals of Economics 8 Credits
BECE 2 Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives 8 Credits
EEC 13 Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques 8 Credits
BECE 214 Agricultural Development in India 8 Credits
Public Administration Credits
EPA 1 Administrative Theory 8 Credits
BPAE 102 Indian Administration 8 Credits
EPA 3 Development Administration 8 Credits
EPA 4 Personnel Administration 8 Credits
EPA 5 Financial Administration 8 Credits
EPA 6 Public Policy 8 Credits
ESO 11 The Study of Society 8 Credits
ESO 12 Society in India 8 Credits
ESO 13 Sociological Thought 8 Credits
ESO 14 Society and Stratification 8 Credits
ESO 15 Society and Religion 8 Credits
ESO 16 Social Problems in India 8 Credits
BPY 1 Indian Philosophy: Part I 4 Credits
BPY 2 To be taken together Logic: Classical and Symbolic 4 Credits
BPY 3 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 4 Credits
BPY 4 To be taken together Religions of the World 4 Credits
BPY 5 Indian Philosophy: Part II 4 Credits
BPY 8 To be taken together Modern Western Philosophy 4 Credits
BPY 6 Metaphysics 4 Credits
BPY 7 To be taken together Ethics 4 Credits
BPY 9 Contemporary Western Philosophy 4 Credits
BPY 10 To be taken together Epistemology 4 Credits
BPY 11 Philosophy of Human Person 4 Credits
BPY 12 To be taken together Philosophy of Science and Cosmology 4 Credits
BPYE 1 Philosophy of Religion 4 Credits
BPYE 2 To be taken together Tribal and Dalit Philosophy 4 Credits
BPC 1 General Psychology 4 Credits
BPC 2 To be taken together Developmental Psychology 4 Credits
BPC 3 Research Methods in Psychology 4 Credits
BPC 4 To be taken together Statistics in Psychology 4 Credits
BPC 5 Theories of Personality 4 Credits
BPC 6 To be taken together Social Psychology 4 Credits
BPCL 7* Practicals in Psychological Testing 4 Credits
BPCL 8* To be taken together Practical in Experimental Psychology 4 Credits
BPCE 11 School Psychology 4 Credits
BPCE 13 Motivation and Emotion 4 Credits
BPCE 14 Psychopathology 4 Credits
BPCE 15 Industrial and Organisational Psychology 4 Credits
BPCE 17 Introduction to Counseling Psychology 4 Credits
BPCE 18 Neuropsychology 4 Credits
BPCE 19 Environmental Psychology 4 Credits
BPCE 21 Forensic Psychology 4 Credits
BPCE 22* Practicals in Clinical Psychology OR
Practicals in Industrial &
Orgnisational Psychology OR
To be taken together
Practicals in Counseling
4 Credits
BPCE 23* Internship in Psychology 4 Credits

Year Wise Syllabus:

4 Credits4 Credits4 Credits

Syllabus of IGNOU Open University B.COM of 1st Year:
Course Code Title of the Course Credits
FEG-02 Foundation Course in English 4 Credits
FST-1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8 Credits
FEG-1 Foundation Course in English-1 4 Credits
FHD-2 Foundation Course in Hindi-2 4 Credits
FHD-1 Foundation Course in Hindi-1 4 Credits
MSW-009 Community Organisation Management for Community Development 8 Credits
Pdf Syllabus of IGNOU Open University B.COM of 2nd Year:
Course Code Title of the Course Credits
ECO-1 Business Organisation 4 Credits
ECO-02 Accountancy-I 4 Credits
ECO-03 Management Theory 4 Credits
ECO-05 Mercantile Law 4 Credits
ECO-06 Economic Theory 4 Credits
ECO-07 Elements of Statistics 4 Credits
ECO-08 Company Law 4 Credits
ECO-09 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions 4 Credits
ECO-10 Elements of Costing 4 Credits
ECO-11 Elements of Income Tax 4 Credits
ECO-12 Elements of Auditing 4 Credits
ECO-13 Business Environment 4 Credits
ECO-14 Accountancy-II 4 Credits
Syllabus of IGNOU Open University Bcom 3rd Year:
Course Code Title of the Course Credits
AFW-(E) Feature Writing 4 Credits
AWR-(E) Writing for Radio 4 Credits
AWR-(H) Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
CTE-03 Teaching Strategies 4 Credits
CTE-04 Teaching English (Elementary School)
CTE-05 Teaching English (Secondary School)
AOM-1 Office Organisation Management 4 Credits
ASP-1 Secretarial Practice 4 Credits
AHE-1 Human Environment 6 Credits
AMT-01 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics 6 Credits
AMK-1 Marketing -AMK-1  4 Credits
AED-1 Export Procedures and Documentation 4 Credits
ATR-1 Translation 8 Credits
ACC-1 Organizing Childcare Services 8 Credits
ANC-1 Nutrition for the Community-ANC-1 8 Credits
ACS-1 Consumer Studies- ACS- 1 8 Credits
Total Credits 96 Credits

The Indira Gandhi National Open University known as IGNOU, is a distance learning national university located in Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India. This is one of the largest Distance University of India which has student’s strength of 4 million. This University was established in 1985. This is really popular university and students take admissions every year to complete Graduation or Post-Graduation. Now finally time to get download online IGNOU Syllabus 2019 Pdf by Course Wise.

IGNOU Open University Syllabus 2019

After knowing Preparation Tips, you can easily get good marks in these exams. Get all kind of instructions from below now.

  • At first of all, download official IGNOU Syllabus 2019 Course Wise from below PDF files.
  • After that, you should also be having Previous Year Exam Papers.
  • Download Model Test Papers as well so that you can know type of Questions.
  • Collect more news and make time table of your study.
  • Best wishes to all applicants for their upcoming IGNOU University Exams.

Students may easily bookmark us or they can also stay connected to us to know more news of these exams. We want you to study a lot for these exams. The Exam Time are available now so prepare according to the subjects. Take help of your elders to study very well. Download pdf IGNOU Syllabus 2019 by course wise such as for BA/BCA/MCA/MBA/BSc etc. by tapping on the link down mentioned on this Page.

IGNOU Syllabus Download Link* Pdf Paper Syllabus

Bookmark IGNOU Exam Portal now and collect best news regarding IGNOU Open University Exams info on daily basis.

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